Yandex Starts Testing Ad Exchange for Telegram Channels

Yandex has started testing its own ad exchange for placing direct ads in Telegram channels. The company is accepting applications from channel owners and advertisers who want to participate in the test.

To participate, channel owners must have at least 2,000 subscribers and their channels must comply with the Yandex Advertising Network rules. Channel owners will need to grant Yandex a bot the right to publish messages in their channels. The bot will use Yandex Direct neural networks to select ads that are most relevant to the topic of the channel.

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Ads will look like regular posts in the channels, with an image or video and a link. The posts will be marked as “Advertising” and will include a link to a page with detailed information about the advertiser. Texts, images, and videos will be moderated, and advertising data will be transferred to ERIR, as required by the law of the Russian Federation.

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Payment will be made according to the CPM model, which means that advertisers will pay for every 1,000 impressions of their ads.

The test is currently limited to channels in Russia, but Yandex plans to expand it to other countries in the future.

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