Telegram Stories Unveiled: Exclusive Insights into Exciting Features

A Sneak Peek into the Highly Anticipated Telegram Stories

Premium Exclusivity: Initially, only Premium users will be able to post stories.

Dual Camera Recording: Capture moments using the main and front cameras simultaneously.

Tagging and Notifications: Tag people in stories using @username, and tagged individuals receive notifications.

Draft Saving Option: Save incomplete stories as drafts for later completion.

Text Captions: Add context and captions to stories with customizable text.

Control Over Story Lifetime: Manage the duration of stories, with additional options for Premium users.

Archiving and Pinning: Archive stories and pin them to your profile for easy access.

Custom Emoji Usage: Incorporate custom emoji into stories and save the emoji pack.

Editing Flexibility: Edit published stories to refine and enhance the storytelling experience.

Posting Limit and View List: A limit on the number of stories posted per 24 hours, and access to a view list.

Enhanced Privacy Controls: Control downloads, screenshots, and screen recording in story views.

Responses, Forwarding, and Zooming: Reply privately, forward stories, and zoom in with pinch gestures.

Notifications and Personalization: Enable notifications for new stories and personalized recommendations.