Telegram Introduces Changes to Chat Archiving Behavior

In a recent update, Telegram has addressed a bug and introduced changes to the behavior of chats within the archive feature. These modifications aim to provide users with a more streamlined and customizable archiving experience.

Greater Control: Explicit Inclusion in Additional Folders

With the latest update, Telegram now allows users to explicitly include chats in additional folders. This means that when a chat is added to any extra folder (tg://settings/folders), it will no longer exit the archive when receiving notifications. This change offers users greater control over their archived chats.

Automatic Filtering Continues as Before

Conversations that are part of a folder automatically filtered based on chat type will still be removed from the archive, maintaining the previous behavior. This ensures that users can rely on Telegram's smart filtering system to manage their chats efficiently.

Temporary Nature of Changes

While the changes to chat archiving behavior are currently in effect, it's important to note that they may not be permanent. A moderator on the Telegram suggestion platform has indicated that further adjustments could be made in the future. Users should stay informed and watch out for future updates.

Enhanced Chats Organization

For users who heavily rely on the archive feature, these changes offer a welcome improvement. By allowing explicit inclusion in additional folders, Telegram empowers users to better organize their conversations according to their preferences and priorities.

Looking Ahead: Future Improvements

Telegram remains committed to refining its features and providing a seamless user experience. As the behavior of chat archiving evolves, users can anticipate additional improvements and optimizations that will further enhance their overall Telegram experience.

Stay Informed for Upcoming Updates

To stay updated on Telegram's advancements, users should keep an eye out for any forthcoming updates. Telegram continues to shape the way users interact with their chats and folders, ensuring a user-friendly and efficient messaging experience.