Unleash the Power of Telegram! Exciting New Features Await!

Telegram is taking its services to the next level with a host of thrilling new features and improved updates. In a special Halloween release, the messaging app introduces the ability to pin multiple messages in both group and personal chats, ensuring easy access to vital information.

Additionally, users can now track the live location of their friends and receive alerts when they are in close proximity (only if location sharing is enabled). Not to be outdone by competitors, Telegram has also unveiled an array of Halloween-themed animated emoticons, adding a festive touch to your conversations.

Multiple Pinned Messages

As the name suggests, this exciting feature empowers users to pin multiple messages within chats, guaranteeing convenient access to important content. Whether in channels, groups, or personal chats, finding essential messages is now a breeze.

Live Location 2.0

The updated version of Telegram’s Live Location feature offers an enhanced experience. Users can set alerts to receive notifications when their friends are nearby. Icons on the live location map now indicate the direction they are facing. Distance alerts can be customized to 0.5 km, 1 km, or 5 km, ensuring you never miss a close encounter.

Channel Post Stats

Designed specifically for channel admins and moderators, Channel Post Stats provides valuable insights. Admins can now view statistics for individual posts, including a list of public channels to which their posts have been forwarded. This feature enables a comprehensive analysis of content reach and engagement.

New Animations

Exciting animations have arrived on Telegram for Android users, making conversations come to life. In addition, users can now edit and send received images without the need to download and re-upload them. With several Halloween-themed animated emoticons added to the mix, prepare to be delighted. Simply press and hold the coffin or Jack-o-Lantern emoji a bit longer to unveil these fun surprises.

The latest version, packed with these incredible features, is now available for both Android and iOS users. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your Telegram experience. Update your app today and explore the endless possibilities!

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