Telegram’s Innovation: New Features for Better Privacy and User Experience

Telegram, a popular messaging app, has recently introduced several new features. These features aim to enhance user privacy and improve the overall platform experience, catering to Telegram’s 900 million monthly active users.


Telegram’s search interface now includes a ‘Channels’ tab. This tab displays the channels users follow and recommends new channels with similar topics, making content discovery easier.

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My Profile

In the ‘My Profile’ section within Settings, users can view their profile as it appears to others. They can also quickly edit their information. Users can pin up to three stories at the top of their profile to highlight important moments or achievements.


Telegram now allows users to add their birthday to their profile, making it visible to contacts. On a user’s birthday, anyone who visits their profile is greeted with animated confetti and balloons. When it’s someone else’s birthday, a birthday banner appears in the chat list.

Collectibles on Your Profile

Channel owners can now add their channels to their profiles. This displays a detailed preview of the latest post above their bio, and visitors can access their content with one tap. Owners of collectible usernames can link them to their Telegram accounts or channels. This provides information on when the collectible was acquired and its value.

Share Location Indefinitely

Users can share their live location with individuals or groups indefinitely. This allows others to follow their journey and set alerts for when they arrive. Reaction notification settings enable users to control notifications for reactions to their messages and stories.

Profile Pictures in Forwarded Messages

Forwarded messages now display the user’s profile picture they were forwarded from. This makes conversations more recognizable. Premium users can include animated and custom emojis in polls for added fun and creativity in interactions.

Mass Moderation for Groups

Group admins can perform mass moderation by selecting multiple messages for moderation actions. They can restrict user permissions without immediately banning them. Recent actions are more compact, with similar actions grouped together and improved highlighting for search terms.

Improved Recent Actions

Channel admins can manage the types and maximum number of reactions each post can receive, keeping things organized. Premium subscribers can unhide ads to support channel owners by viewing them.

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Open Stories Anonymously

Premium users can activate Stealth Mode to view stories anonymously. This mode keeps their views hidden, even for a short time.

Swipe for Next Topic

In groups with topics enabled, users can swipe to navigate to the next unread topic, making it easier to stay updated on different conversations. Finally, Telegram’s desktop app now supports Instant View for websites, allowing for quick and seamless page loading with embedded media.

These new features offer users more control over their profiles, communication, and interactions within channels and groups. Telegram continues to innovate and provide a better user experience.

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