Telegram’s Advertising Upgrade Personalized Ads Based on User Data

In an effort to deliver more relevant advertisements, Telegram has introduced an update to its advertising platform. Now, ads will be tailored to users’ personal data, including interests and location, providing a more personalized ad experience.

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According to the recent announcement by Durov Code, Telegram will analyze users’ interests based on the channels they are subscribed to. Advertisers will have the option to limit ad display based on location data, determined by Telegram using the user’s IP address.

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Furthermore, advertisers will be able to target ads using depersonalized user data collected outside of Telegram. This means businesses can securely transfer their encrypted customer databases to Telegram, enabling them to show exclusive offers only to their customers.

Previously, ad targeting on Telegram was limited to public data, such as displaying ads in channels within specific categories like finance. With the latest changes, Telegram’s algorithm will deliver more relevant ads more frequently, even outside the finance realm if the platform deems the user interested in the topic.

Similar to other companies like Google, Telegram ensures user privacy by not providing accurate user information to advertisers. However, personal data is now involved in the process of personalizing ad content.

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It’s important to note that advertisers will only indirectly determine a user’s belonging to a particular group if they click on an ad link. If an advertisement is ignored, no data will be transmitted.

Additionally, Telegram plans to display ads in large private channels that exploit link access settings for financial gain, as announced by Koda Durov.

Stay tuned as Telegram continues to refine its advertising platform to provide users with personalized and relevant ad experiences while upholding user privacy and security.

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