Telegram X for Android v0.25.10.1647: Whats New?

Exciting news for Telegram X users! The highly anticipated update, version, has arrived, and it brings a plethora of incredible features to elevate your messaging experience like never before! 🌟

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ChangesStatusAvailable for
Built-in translation toolsImplementedTelegram X Users
Advanced text formattingImplementedTelegram X Users
Emoji statusesImplementedTelegram X Users
Internal voice calls improvementsImplementedTelegram X Users
Now relies on public TDLib version & OpenSSL 1.1.1u for encryptionImplementedTelegram X Users
Other improvements and bugfixesImplementedTelegram X Users
Telegram X for Android v0.25.10.1647 Stable Release

Here’s what’s new in this game-changing update:

🌐 Built-in Translation Tools: Say hello to seamless communication with built-in translation tools! Now you can connect with friends from around the world without language barriers. Chatting just got a whole lot easier.

πŸ“ Advanced Text Formatting: Express yourself like never before with advanced text formatting options. Personalize your messages, make bold statements, and add that extra flair to your chats.

telegram x for android v0.25.10.1647 3

πŸ˜ƒ Emoji Statuses: Let your emojis do the talking! Set expressive emoji statuses to share your mood, thoughts, and feelings with a fun twist.

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πŸ“ž Internal Voice Calls Improvements: Stay connected with crystal-clear voice calls. The update brings improvements to internal voice calls, ensuring you experience seamless conversations with your loved ones.

πŸ”’ Enhanced Security: Telegram X now relies on the public TDLib version & OpenSSL 1.1.1u for encryption, providing you with top-notch security and peace of mind.

πŸ’‘ Other Improvements and Bugfixes: The Telegram team has been hard at work to address bugs and make various enhancements, ensuring a smooth and reliable messaging platform.

πŸš€ Elevate Your Messaging Experience πŸš€ With these exciting updates, Telegram X is setting new standards for messaging apps. Whether it’s better communication tools, improved voice calls, or enhanced security, Telegram X has got you covered.

πŸ’­ Share Your Thoughts! πŸ’­ The Telegram team is always eager to hear from users like you. Your feedback and suggestions play a crucial role in shaping the future of Telegram X. So don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and help make this app even better!

Update to version now and embrace the power of Telegram X. Experience the latest features, express yourself creatively, and stay connected with friends and family like never before. Happy messaging! πŸ“±πŸŽ‰

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