Telegram X Beta for Android Whats New?

Telegram X Beta, the experimental version of the popular messaging app, has received an exciting update. The previous version,, has been upgraded to version, bringing several notable changes and improvements. Let’s dive into the details of this update:

Version introduces various enhancements to improve performance and user experience. Here are the key highlights:

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The table below provides a summary of the changes in the latest Telegram X Beta update:

FeaturesStatusAvailable for
Disabled android.enableJetifier + Enable build configuration cacheRolling outTelegram X Beta users only
Fixed handling errors in TDLib result handlersRolling outTelegram X Beta users only
Emoji statusRolling outTelegram X Beta users only
Fixed crash when tracking successful connection and current proxyID is unknownRolling outTelegram X Beta users only
Fixed crash in emoji status pickerRolling outTelegram X Beta users only
Upgrade Build-Tools to 34.0.0Rolling outTelegram X Beta users only
RIP native YouTube embeds 23/02/2016–14/07/2023 + Preserve time in YouTube URLs + Improved opening embeds from Shared LinksRolling outTelegram X Beta users only
  1. Android Compatibility: The update disables android.enableJetifier and enables build configuration cache, optimizing the app’s compatibility with Android devices.
  2. Error Handling: The handling of errors in TDLib result handlers has been fixed, ensuring smoother operation and more reliable performance.
  3. Emoji Status: Users can now express their moods and emotions through emoji status updates, adding a touch of personalization to their profiles.
  4. Connection Tracking: A crash that occurred while tracking successful connections and encountering an unknown current proxyID has been resolved, enhancing the stability of the app.
  5. Improved Emoji Status Picker: A crash issue in the emoji status picker has been resolved, allowing users to select and set their desired emoji statuses without any disruptions.
  6. Updated Build Tools: The build tools have been upgraded to version 34.0.0, incorporating the latest advancements in development technology.
  7. YouTube Embeds Update: Native YouTube embeds, which were supported until July 14, 2023, have been discontinued. Additionally, improvements have been made to preserve the time in YouTube URLs, enhancing the overall experience of opening and sharing YouTube links.

These updates are currently rolling out to Telegram X Beta users. To enjoy the latest features and bug fixes, make sure to update your app to version

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as Telegram continues to refine and enhance its messaging experience for users worldwide.

Read Also: Telegram X Beta for Android Whats New?

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