Telegram WebA became available as a cross-platform application for PC

Telegram has introduced an experimental version of its web client application based on Telegram WebA ( This application, available for download and installation on Windows, macOS, and Linux, offers an alternative experience for users compared to Telegram Desktop. The app leverages the Electron framework, enabling the utilization of web development technologies to create desktop applications.

The app, which can be found on the official GitHub repository (, serves as a testing ground for developers to gauge its convenience and effectiveness for users. While it is still in its experimental phase, developers anticipate that the Electron version may offer added convenience and benefits for certain users.

It is worth noting that the app installer is currently not signed with a certificate. As a result, built-in OS protections, such as Windows Defender on Windows, may display additional warnings during the installation process.

The Electron app comes equipped with its own browser, which is essential for its functionality. However, running such an application may impose a heavier load on the operating system compared to other technologies.

Web applications, including Electron-based ones, carry an inherent risk of creating remote code execution (RCE) vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities can grant attackers full access to the application, allowing them to read conversations and perform actions on behalf of the user. While the risk of such vulnerabilities exists in any web application, Electron applications pose an increased risk due to their extended access to the system.

At its current stage, the application may not provide significant advantages for users. However, developers have the potential to leverage the capabilities of this technology to introduce new features that were previously unattainable through a standard browser interface.

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As developers continue to refine and enhance the application, users can expect a more robust and feature-rich experience in the future. Stay tuned for updates and further advancements as Telegram explores the possibilities offered by Electron technology.

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