Telegram Version v4.8.4, Fixing Link Opening Issue on Linux

Telegram, the renowned messaging app, has rolled out its latest version, v4.8.4, addressing a critical bug affecting Linux users. The new update specifically tackles the issue of opening links on Linux systems, ensuring a smooth browsing experience for Telegram users on the platform.

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FeatureStatusAvailable for
Fixing Link Opening Issue on LinuxRolling outTelegram Beta Linux Desktop users
Desktop Linux Version 4.8.4

Linux users can now rejoice as the bug causing link opening errors has been swiftly resolved with the release of version 4.8.4. This fix further enhances Telegram’s reputation for prompt responsiveness to user feedback and continuous improvement of its messaging service.

As always, Telegram advises all users to keep their app updated to the latest version to enjoy seamless and secure messaging without any hindrance. With the bug now fixed, Telegram continues to deliver an exceptional messaging experience to its ever-growing user base.

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