Telegram Surpasses YouTube in Daily Audience (DAU) in Russia

According to Mediascope’s latest report for June, Telegram achieved an impressive milestone with a record-breaking daily audience of 51.92 million people in Russia. This places Telegram ahead of YouTube (50.78 million) and secures its position as the second-largest platform after VKontakte (52.07 million).

The difference between VKontakte and Telegram’s daily audience is a mere 150 thousand people, showcasing Telegram’s remarkable growth. It’s worth noting that Telegram previously set a record in May with an audience of 51.20 million people.

June 2023:
1️⃣ 💬 VK – 52.1 million (-0.8% versus May)
2️⃣ 💬 Telegram – 51.9 million (+1.4%)
3️⃣ 📹 YouTube – 50.8 million (-0.2%)
4️⃣ ❇️ Zen* – 31.4 million (-3.4%)
5️⃣ 📹 TikTok – 30.9 million (-1.2%)

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The significant 108% increase in Telegram’s audience since January of the previous year (starting with 25 million) demonstrates the platform’s growing popularity and influence among Russian users.

Stay tuned for more updates as Telegram continues to make strides in audience engagement and expands its user base.

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