Telegram Stories 13 Key Exciting Features Revealed Ahead of Launch

Telegram Messenger is gearing up to introduce its highly anticipated Stories feature, and editors have analyzed the details available on the Telegram translation platform, providing valuable insights into what users can expect from this new storytelling format.

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Exclusive Insights into the Highly Anticipated Telegram Stories Functionality

Key Highlights of Telegram Stories:

  1. Premium Users to Post Stories Initially: At launch, it appears that only Premium users will have the ability to post stories. However, it is expected that free users will also gain this functionality at a later stage.
  2. Dual Camera Recording: Stories will offer the functionality of recording from both the main and front cameras simultaneously, providing users with more creative options.
  3. Tagging Individuals and Notifications: Users will be able to tag people in their stories using the @username feature. The tagged individuals will receive notifications about the mentions.
  4. Draft Saving Option: Incomplete stories can be saved as drafts, allowing users to revisit and complete them at a later time.
  5. Text Captions: Stories can have text captions, enabling users to add context or captions to enhance their storytelling.
  6. Control Over Story Lifetime: Users will have the ability to control the duration of their stories. However, certain options related to story lifetimes may be exclusive to Premium users.
  7. Archiving and Pinning Stories: Stories can be archived and later restored from the archive. Additionally, users will be able to pin stories to their profile before manually deleting them.
  8. Custom Emoji Usage: Stories can incorporate custom emoji, and users will have the option to save the emoji pack when used.
  9. Editing Published Stories: It is likely that users will have the ability to edit their stories after they have been published, adding flexibility to the storytelling process.
  10. Posting Limit and View List: A limit on the number of stories posted within 24 hours will be in place. Story creators will have access to a view list, which will disappear 24 hours after the story is deleted.
  11. Enhanced Privacy Controls: Story owners can exercise control over downloads, screenshots, and screen recording when viewers interact with their stories. Privacy options include sharing stories with close friends, all contacts, or the general public.
  12. Responses, Forwarding, and Zooming: Users can reply privately to stories, forward stories to others, and zoom in on stories by pinching the screen.
  13. Notifications and Personalization: Users will have the option to enable notifications for new stories. Telegram will also recommend enabling notifications for stories from the five users with whom users frequently communicate.

Please note that the information is based on details from the translation platform, and some changes to the story mechanism may occur before the official release.

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