Telegram Shareable Chat Folders, Custom Wallpapers and More

The newest update of Telegram brings some really cool features. Read this article to discover them and enjoy a whole new experience on Telegram.

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Shareable Chat Folders

This exciting update brings several new features to enhance your Telegram experience. Now, you can easily share entire chat folders with others using a single link. This allows you to invite friends and colleagues to join multiple work groups or collections of news channels effortlessly.

If you add more chats to your folder and update its link, members will see a suggestion to join the new chats.

Custom Wallpapers

Additionally, you can personalize your chats by creating custom wallpapers using your favorite photos or color combinations. This adds a touch of personality and makes your conversations stand out.

Better Bots

Furthermore, Telegram bots now have the ability to host web apps, bringing services and utilities directly to millions of users. These web apps can be launched within any chat, providing a seamless experience.

In this update, bots have also been given the option to use collectible usernames, including links without the “-bot” suffix. This makes it easier to interact with bots and access their functionalities.

Fast Scrolling for Attachments

Other improvements include fast scrolling in the attachment menu, similar to the Shared Media feature. You can quickly navigate through your attachments by pulling down on the date bar.

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For groups with topics enabled and under 100 members, read receipts now display the time your messages were read by other group members, adding more clarity to your conversations.

Improved Interfaces

The user interface has been enhanced as well. The “Send When Online” feature now requires fewer taps, allowing you to schedule your messages more efficiently. Simply hold the Send button in chats where you can see your partner’s last seen time.

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