Telegram Premium Unveils Custom Default Chat Folders

In a remarkable update, Telegram Premium introduces a highly requested feature – Custom Default Chat Folders. Premium users can now bid farewell to the standard “All Chats” folder and personalize their messaging journey by choosing custom folders such as “Work” or “Unread.”

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With this exciting enhancement, organizing chats according to individual preferences has never been easier. To make the switch, simply press and hold a folder, tap “Reorder,” and seamlessly drag the desired folder to the coveted first space.

Telegram’s dedication to user-centric features shines through as Premium users gain the ability to craft their messaging experience to suit their unique needs. Whether it’s streamlining work-related conversations or prioritizing unread messages, this feature empowers users with unparalleled flexibility.

By putting customization at the forefront, Telegram Premium continues to elevate the messaging experience, ensuring every interaction feels tailored and intuitive.

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Stay tuned for more updates as Telegram remains committed to providing innovative features that enhance the way users connect and communicate.

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