Telegram MacOS Updated to v 4.8.12 Whats New?

Hold onto your hats, Telegram users! A brand-new pre-release version, v4.8.12, has just been introduced, and it’s geared up to enhance your messaging experience. In this latest release, a significant issue has been squarely addressed, ensuring a smoother and crash-free interaction on macOS devices. 🌟

Here’s what’s in store:


ChangesStatusAvailable for
Fix crash by a full rebuild on macOSImplementedMacOS

🆕 New in v4.8.12 Pre-release:

Fix crash by a full rebuild on macOS: The Telegram technical team has been hard at work to ensure your macOS experience is seamless and crash-free. With a full rebuild, you can now navigate your Telegram app on macOS without any interruptions.
That’s right! Telegram is committed to delivering a top-notch messaging platform, and this pre-release is a testament to their dedication to user satisfaction.

Experience the Fix:

To benefit from this crucial fix and enjoy a stable Telegram experience on your macOS device, all you need to do is update to v4.8.12 pre-release. It’s a simple step that unlocks a world of improved performance and reliability.

The Telegram team values your feedback, so if you encounter any issues or have suggestions for further improvements, don’t hesitate to let them know.

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Get ready to explore Telegram like never before, as you breeze through your conversations and enjoy uninterrupted communication with friends and family.

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So, macOS users, seize this opportunity to ensure your Telegram experience is smooth and crash-free. Update to v4.8.12 pre-release and stay connected effortlessly! 🚀📱💬

Upgrade to v4.8.12 pre-release for an improved and reliable Telegram experience on macOS! 🚀📱

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