Telegram Introduces Changes to Chat Archiving Behavior

Telegram has recently implemented changes to the behavior of chats within the archive feature. According to representatives of the messaging app, these modifications were made while addressing a bug. The new update ensures that when a chat is explicitly included in any additional folder (tg://settings/folders), it will no longer exit the archive upon receiving notifications.

However, if a conversation is part of a folder that is automatically filtered based on chat type, it will still be removed from the archive as before.

It’s important to note that the changes to chat archiving behavior may not be permanent. A moderator on the Telegram suggestion platform issued a cautionary statement (, suggesting that the behavior could potentially undergo further adjustments in the future.

Telegram users who frequently rely on the archive feature will appreciate this update, as it provides greater control and flexibility in managing their chats. By allowing explicit inclusion in additional folders to prevent chats from leaving the archive upon notification, users can better organize their conversations based on their preferences and priorities.

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While the current changes enhance the archiving functionality, it’s advisable to stay informed and keep an eye on future updates from Telegram. The messaging app remains committed to refining its features and ensuring a seamless user experience.

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As the behavior of chat archiving evolves, users can look forward to additional improvements and optimizations, further enhancing the overall Telegram experience. Stay tuned for any forthcoming updates as Telegram continues to shape the way users interact with their chats and folders.

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