Telegram Impressive Growth and Explores Monetization Options

Telegram Messenger, the popular messaging app, has reached a significant milestone with over 2.5 million new users signing up daily. The platform’s monthly active users have also surpassed 800 million. While celebrating this tremendous growth, Telegram acknowledges the associated increase in expenses for storage and traffic to serve its expanding user base.

Despite these higher costs, Telegram maintains efficiency in managing expenses and successfully embarked on its monetization journey last year. Although the app is not yet profitable, it is making significant progress and is on track to achieve profitability in absolute numbers, outpacing competitors like Twitter and Snap.

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To sustain its ongoing growth until reaching the break-even point, Telegram recently issued approximately $270 million worth of bonds as an extension of its existing bonds. Notably, the bond issuance received participation from renowned funds with excellent reputations, reaffirming investor confidence in Telegram’s future prospects.

Founder Pavel Durov personally invested tens of millions of dollars, purchasing around a quarter of the new Telegram bonds. This investment further demonstrates Durov’s commitment to Telegram’s growth, in addition to the substantial financial support he has provided over the past decade to ensure the platform’s operational continuity.

In response to suggestions that he could have used the funds for personal acquisitions such as a house or a jet, Durov emphasizes his unwavering dedication to his work and Telegram’s mission. He remains focused on delivering an independent messaging platform that prioritizes user interests above all else.

Hundreds of millions of users have chosen Telegram because of its commitment to being a user-centric platform. Durov considers it both his responsibility and life’s work to continually deliver and improve this platform, safeguarding its independence and upholding the trust of its vast user community.

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As Telegram continues its impressive growth journey and explores monetization options, users can expect the platform to evolve while maintaining its core values of privacy, security, and user-centeredness.

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