Telegram For WebA Updated to v1.61.38 Whats New?

Exciting news for all Telegram WebA users! The latest version, v1.61.38, is now available with some important fixes and improvements.

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ChangesStatusAvailable for
Fix progress bar when downloading uploaded file (#3632)Rolled OutTelegram WebA
Correctly patch inactive input in SafariRolled OutTelegram WebA
Revert “Media Viewer: Fix video preview errors in Firefox (#3602)Rolled OutTelegram WebA
[Perf] API: Batch updates into singleRolled OutTelegram WebA
[Refactoring] API: Refactor worker provider directoryRolled OutTelegram WebA
[Perf] Message: Delay some effects while opening message listRolled OutTelegram WebA
[Dev] FixRolled OutTelegram WebA
Chat List: Fix context menu being stuck on tapRolled OutTelegram WebA
Message: Do not detect language while animating Message ListRolled OutTelegram WebA
[Perf] Fix broken addUsers/addChats optimizationRolled OutTelegram WebA
Payments: Fix stuck payment (#3659)Rolled OutTelegram WebA

Here are the key changes in this update:

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  1. Fixed progress bar when downloading uploaded files (#3632)
  2. Correctly patched inactive input in Safari
  3. Reverted “Media Viewer: Fix video preview errors in Firefox” to resolve issues (#3602)

Additionally, there are some performance improvements and refactoring:

  • API updates are now batched into a single action for better performance
  • Refactored worker provider directory in the API
  • Delayed some effects while opening message lists for smoother performance
  • Fixed broken optimization for addUsers/addChats to enhance performance
  • Fixed stuck payment issue in Payments (#3659)

Make sure to update your Telegram WebA to enjoy these improvements and have a better user experience!

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