Telegram Enables Direct Cryptocurrency Purchases in Messenger

Telegram’s Wallet bot team has launched an exciting new feature called Wallet Pay, enabling users to seamlessly make purchases using cryptocurrency within the messaging platform itself.

With Wallet Pay, Telegram users can conveniently utilize TON, USDT, and BTC cryptocurrencies for their transactions. The payment service allows users to directly purchase these cryptocurrencies during the checkout process, simplifying the entire payment experience.

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To integrate Wallet Pay with a bot or service on Telegram, sellers are required to complete a dedicated form. This enables them to connect their offerings with the secure and efficient Wallet Pay system. For everyday users curious about the functionality of Wallet Pay, they can now explore its capabilities through the Pineapple Store test bot at

The introduction of Wallet Pay marks a significant step forward in Telegram’s ambition to provide users with a seamless and inclusive digital ecosystem. By integrating cryptocurrency payments directly into the messaging platform, Telegram offers a streamlined experience for both buyers and sellers. This development further solidifies Telegram’s position as a frontrunner in the adoption of innovative and user-centric features.

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As Wallet Pay gains traction, Telegram users can expect more merchants and businesses to leverage this convenient payment option, offering increased flexibility and expanding the possibilities of cryptocurrency adoption within the platform.

Stay tuned as Wallet Pay transforms the way Telegram users engage in e-commerce and embrace the future of digital payments.

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