Telegram Bot API 6.7 Update: Enhanced Features and Customization Options

Telegram has rolled out the latest update to its Bot API, introducing version 6.7. This update brings several new features and customization options for bot developers, expanding the capabilities of Telegram bots. Here’s a breakdown of the key additions in this update:

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  1. Launching Web Apps from Inline Query Results: Bot developers can now launch web apps directly from inline query results. This functionality replaces the parameters switch_pm_text and switch_pm_parameter with the parameter button of type InlineQueryResultsButton.
  2. Expanded Write Access Allowed: The class WriteAccessAllowed now includes the field web_app_name, providing additional customization options for bot developers.
  3. Switch to Inline Mode in Chosen Chat: The class InlineKeyboardButton has been enhanced with the field switch_inline_query_chosen_chat of the type SwitchInlineQueryChosenChat. This new addition allows bots to switch to inline mode in a chosen chat of the given type.
  4. Improved Chat Member Updates: The class ChatMemberUpdated now includes the field via_chat_folder_invite_link, enabling enhanced functionality for managing chat memberships.
  5. Multi-Language Bot Names: Bots can now set different names for different user languages using the method setMyName. This feature allows for a more personalized and localized bot experience.
  6. Retrieve Bot Name in Specific Language: Bot developers can retrieve the current bot name in a specific language using the class BotName and the method getMyName, enhancing language-specific interactions.
  7. Enhanced Bot Settings: Bot developers can now modify bot settings directly from the bot’s profile in the official Telegram apps. This includes the ability to set animated profile photos, providing more dynamic and engaging bot experiences.
  8. Custom Emoji Entities: Bots that have purchased additional usernames on Fragment can now specify custom emoji entities using HTML and MarkdownV2 formatting options. This allows for more expressive and visually appealing interactions with users.

The Bot API 6.7 update empowers bot developers with increased flexibility and customization options, enabling them to create more engaging and tailored experiences for Telegram users. Stay tuned for further updates and innovations as Telegram continues to enhance its bot development platform.

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