Telegram Beta for Windows/MacOS V – 4.8.3: What’s New?

Exciting news awaits Telegram Desktop users on MacOS Beta Version 4.8.3! Prepare to supercharge your messaging game with a host of innovative features that will revolutionize your Telegram experience. Let’s dive into the marvels that await you:

FeatureStatusAvailable for
Fix main window focus from notifications with disabled animations.Rolled outTelegram Beta Desktop users
Some minor fixes and improvements.Rolled outTelegram Beta Desktop users
Desktop Windows/MacOS Version 4.8.3
  1. Power Saving Mode: Unleash Efficiency Say goodbye to battery drain! Telegram Desktop now introduces the Power Saving Mode, allowing you to disable resource-intensive animations, animated stickers, and emoji. Embrace a more eco-friendly and efficient messaging journey as the mode automatically activates based on your system’s battery-saving settings.
  2. Granular Playback Speed: Control at Your Fingertips Your messages, your pace! Enjoy the ultimate flexibility with fully adjustable playback speed settings for videos, voice messages, and video messages. Easily switch between normal and adjusted speeds with a simple click on the “1X” button. Hold the button to set any speed between 0.5x and 2.5x, and witness an enhanced sound quality that keeps your conversations crystal clear at any tempo.
  3. Read Time in Small Groups: Stay Connected in Real-Time No more guesswork on message read times! For groups with under 100 members, Telegram Desktop now displays reaction timestamps, keeping you informed on when your messages were read. Stay connected with real-time updates, making group chats more interactive and engaging.
  4. Improved Group Invites: Seamlessly Expand Your Network Inviting members to groups is now effortless! Send invite links to those who prefer not to be directly added, expanding your social circles with ease. Experience a smooth sailing journey to group chats and enjoy previews of invite links right in your chats for a sneak peek of what’s in store.
  5. Additional Delightful Enhancements: More at Your Fingertips In this update, Telegram Desktop goes the extra mile with delightful improvements, including:
  • Fully translatable bots: Break language barriers with ease as bot descriptions and “What can this bot do?” sections can now be translated, catering to a global audience.
  • Enhanced call experience: Starting a call now shows a confirmation window, ensuring you connect confidently and effortlessly.
  • Improved image sharing: Pasting images from Firefox on Windows is now smoother than ever, allowing for the seamless sharing of cherished moments.
  • Productivity on MacOS: Embrace the Global Fn+F shortcut to switch active windows to full-screen mode, maximizing your workflow efficiency.
  • Focus Mode on MacOS: Enjoy a distraction-free experience with silent notification sounds, allowing you to stay focused on what matters most.

Get ready to embark on an extraordinary messaging journey with Telegram Desktop MacOS Beta Version 4.8.3. Embrace power-saving efficiency, enhanced playback control, real-time read receipts, and seamless group invites, all packed into one update!

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Stay tuned as Telegram continues to elevate the messaging experience for its ever-growing community of users.

Unleash the potential of Telegram Desktop now and witness the future of messaging at your fingertips!

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