Telegram Beta For MacOS Updated to v4.8.6 Whats New?

Telegram, the popular messaging platform, has released the v4.8.6 Desktop Beta version for Mac users, introducing essential fixes to enhance the app’s performance. The latest update focuses on addressing langpack key issues by undergoing a complete rebuild specifically for macOS.

ChangesStatusAvailable for
Fix langpack keys by a full rebuild on macOS.Rolled outTelegram Beta MacOS

With the v4.8.6 Desktop Beta for Mac, Telegram ensures a smoother and more reliable messaging experience for its Mac users. The langpack key fixes contribute to a more intuitive and seamless interface, providing a user-friendly platform for communication.

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Users can now take advantage of these crucial updates by downloading the Telegram v4.8.6 Desktop Beta version for Mac. As Telegram values user feedback, beta users are encouraged to test the new version and provide valuable insights for further improvements.

Telegram continues its commitment to refining its messaging services and delivering cutting-edge solutions to its user base. Stay tuned for more updates as Telegram remains dedicated to providing an exceptional messaging experience on all platforms.

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