Telegram Beta For Linux, Windows, MacOS v4.8.10 Whats New?

Great news for all Telegram users! The latest version 4.8.10 is now available, bringing some fantastic enhancements to your messaging experience. Let’s dive into the highlights of this update 🌟:

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ChangesSend story-sharing comments as separate messages.Available for
Send story sharing comments as separate messages.Rolled outAll Desktop Users (v4.8.10)
Fix stories explanation tooltip ordering.Rolled outAll Desktop Users (v4.8.10)
  1. Share Story Comments as Separate Messages: With this update, you can now share story comments as individual messages. Say goodbye to clustered comment threads and enjoy clearer and more organized conversations.
  2. Enhanced Stories Explanation Tooltip Ordering: Telegram has listened to user feedback and made improvements to the stories explanation tooltips. Now, everything is in perfect order, making it easier for you to navigate and understand the app’s features.

💡 How to Get the Update 💡 To enjoy all these exciting new features, make sure to update your Telegram app to version 4.8.10. Head over to your app store and tap that update button to get access to the latest enhancements.

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Telegram is always working hard to provide the best messaging experience for its users. Your feedback is essential in shaping future updates, so feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions with the Telegram team.

Stay connected, share stories effortlessly, and explore the improved messaging experience with version 4.8.10. Update now and make the most out of your Telegram journey! 🚀📱

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