Telegram Beta For Desktop Updated to v4.8.7 Whats New?

Telegram, the widely-used messaging platform, has rolled out a recent update for its Desktop Beta version, offering beta users an improved and smoother messaging experience. The latest update, version 4.8.7, introduces several essential changes, including crash fixes and small improvements to the Stories feature.

ChangesStatusAvailable for
Crash FixesUpdatedTelegram Beta Desktop
Small Stories ImprovementsUpdatedTelegram Beta Desktop

The update addresses known issues related to crashes and bugs that might have affected users’ experience while using Telegram Desktop Beta. By promptly resolving these glitches, Telegram ensures a more reliable and stable platform for its beta users, who participate in testing new features before they are officially released.

Additionally, the update includes small but significant improvements to the Stories feature in the Telegram Desktop Beta version. Although the specific details of the Stories enhancements have not been disclosed, Telegram consistently focuses on enriching user interactions and providing an intuitive interface for seamless communication.

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Telegram beta users can now enjoy these enhancements by updating their Telegram Desktop application to version 4.8.7. As always, Telegram values user feedback and encourages its beta users to actively participate in testing, contributing to the platform’s development and refinement.

The team behind Telegram continues to innovate and refine its messaging services, aiming to deliver a feature-rich, secure, and user-friendly experience for its global user base. Stay tuned for further updates as Telegram remains committed to providing cutting-edge messaging solutions for its beta community.

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