Phishing Attacks on Telegram Accounts Surge with Updated Scheme

In the second quarter of 2023, Russia experienced a staggering 39% increase in phishing attacks targeting Telegram, according to cybersecurity experts at Kaspersky Lab. These attacks have revealed an updated scheme adapted for the summer season, enticing users to vote for children’s drawings in public channels. Fraudsters now manipulate potential victims by promising that their participation will help children secure a ticket to a summer camp.

The scheme unfolds by adding Telegram users to a channel, as opposed to previous tactics involving private messages. Within the channel, messages are posted on behalf of an individual, claiming their daughter is competing in a drawing contest. Users are urged to vote for the child’s drawing to aid her chances of winning a camp ticket.

The phishing messages are meticulously crafted to appear authentic, with the author even offering to address any questions through private messages. Notably, the fraudsters use a photograph of a real person in their profile rather than a generic image, further increasing the scheme’s credibility, as pointed out by Kaspersky Lab.

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To cast their vote, users are directed to a link that mimics Telegram’s authorization page but is, in fact, a phishing site. Unsuspecting victims who enter their login credentials unknowingly provide the attackers with access to their accounts. Subsequently, scammers exploit the stolen information for various malicious purposes, including identity theft, blackmail, and spreading fraudulent messages.

To protect against falling victim to such phishing attacks, Kaspersky Lab advises Telegram users to adjust their privacy settings. By selectively choosing who can invite them to groups and channels, users can reduce the risk of being lured into fraudulent schemes.

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Additionally, exercising caution when confronted with urgent requests or suspicious messages, even if seemingly sent by acquaintances, is crucial. Kaspersky Lab also recommends utilizing security solutions, including those tailored for mobile devices, which can issue warnings regarding potential phishing or scam attempts.

Remaining vigilant, adopting robust privacy measures, and leveraging trusted security solutions are essential safeguards in the face of increasingly sophisticated phishing attacks on Telegram.

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