Exciting Telegram Desktop Update Unveils Amazing Features!

Attention, Telegram users! Get ready to be amazed by the latest update that brings a slew of fantastic features to enhance your messaging experience. In version 4.8.1, released on 24th April 2023, Telegram introduces exciting improvements and fixes to make your interactions smoother than ever. Let’s dive into the details of these incredible additions!

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News: Discover the Awesome Features in Telegram’s Latest Update

In the latest update, Telegram has resolved various issues and introduced exciting enhancements to make your messaging experience even better. Here’s a breakdown of the notable features:

  • Fix sending an album of ten scheduled messages.
  • Convert folder back to non-shareable on last link deletion.
  • Several fixes of focus control in discussions / channel comments.
  • Drop all formatting on paste in non-message input fields.
  • Clear search field on archive opening.
  • Show video upload / download progress over the spoiler.
  • Better support for text-colored emoji in reactions.
  • Close archive / topics group when clicking on currently active folder.
  • Allow replace media by paste in discussions / comments / scheduled messages.
  • Fix stuck Replace Media button after editing media in some chats.
  • Quick reply by double click only with the left mouse button.
  • Fix applying the same custom chat background with different dimming value.
  • Fix “who reacted” list display for media album parts.
  • Show full t.me/+ invite link prefix in Recent Actions.
  • Don’t try to suggest userpic photos to bots.
  • Add “Send when online” to the send button context menu.
  • Fix crash in empty topics message sending.
  1. Scheduled Messages: Now you can send an album of ten scheduled messages without any glitches, ensuring your messages are delivered at the perfect time.
  2. Folder Flexibility: Telegram allows you to convert a folder back to non-shareable mode when the last link is deleted. Take control of your folders and manage them effortlessly.
  3. Improved Focus Control: Enjoy a smoother experience in discussions and channel comments with better focus control, making it easier to engage and participate.
  4. Effortless Text Input: When pasting content in non-message input fields, all formatting is automatically removed, ensuring a clean and hassle-free experience.
  5. Streamlined Archive Access: The search field now clears automatically when opening the archive, making it more convenient to find and organize your messages.
  6. Enhanced Video Upload/Download: Video upload and download progress are now displayed over the spoiler, providing a clear view of your media transfer status.
  7. Vibrant Reactions: Enjoy better support for text-colored emojis in reactions, allowing you to express yourself in colorful ways.
  8. User-Friendly Interface: Clicking on an active folder will now close the archive or topics group, improving navigation and streamlining your Telegram usage.
  9. Simplified Media Replacement: You can now replace media by simply pasting it in discussions, comments, or scheduled messages, making content editing a breeze.
  10. Improved Media Editing: Fixing a stuck “Replace Media” button after editing media is now a thing of the past, ensuring a seamless editing experience.
  11. Efficient Reply: Double-clicking with the left mouse button enables quick reply, making it easier and faster to engage in conversations.
  12. Custom Chat Background: Telegram now applies the same custom chat background with different dimming values flawlessly, allowing you to personalize your chats.
  13. Enhanced Media Display: The “who reacted” list for media album parts is now displayed accurately, providing a comprehensive view of engagement.
  14. User-Friendly Invites: In Recent Actions, the full t.me/+ invite link prefix is now shown, making it easier to invite friends and expand your Telegram community.
  15. Bot Interaction Improvement: Bots will no longer be suggested userpic photos, streamlining your interaction with these helpful automated services.
  16. Convenient Sending Options: The context menu of the send button now includes the “Send when online” option, giving you more control over message delivery.
  17. Stability Enhancements: Telegram has addressed a crash issue related to sending empty topics messages, ensuring a stable and reliable experience.

With all these amazing updates, Telegram continues to provide an exceptional messaging platform for users around the world. Don’t miss out on the chance to enjoy these new features and improvements. Update your Telegram app today and explore the endless possibilities!

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