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Telegram Messenger app has recently announced its decision to introduce Stories, a feature that might seem late compared to other platforms. This move has sparked curiosity among Telegram users, as the app is often known for pioneering new features. In a statement on his official channel, Pavel Durov, the founder of Telegram, explained the rationale behind this decision.

Initially, Telegram was hesitant to adopt the Stories feature due to its widespread presence on other platforms. However, the increasing number of user requests compelled Telegram to give in to their demands. Interestingly, Signal, another messaging app, followed a similar path by introducing Stories in 2022, driven by user demand as well.

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Unique Features of Telegram Stories

Durov assures users that Telegram Stories will have its distinct characteristics, setting it apart from similar features on other platforms. Here are some exciting capabilities that users can expect:

  1. Enhanced Privacy Options: Telegram Stories will offer four privacy settings. Users can choose to display their stories to everyone, including non-contacts, restrict it to their contacts only, a selected few contacts, or a list of close friends. This feature provides a level of control similar to WhatsApp’s ability to hide status updates from specific contacts.
  2. Captions for Context: Users will have the ability to add captions to their photo and video stories. These captions can include contextual information, links, and even tags, enriching the storytelling experience.
  3. Dual Camera Support: Telegram Stories will allow users to post photos and videos using both the front and rear cameras simultaneously. This dual-camera format adds a creative touch to visual storytelling.
  4. Flexible Duration: Telegram Stories will offer greater control over the duration of stories. Users can choose between lasting for 6, 12, 24, or 48 hours, or even keep them permanently, akin to Instagram Highlights.

Additionally, Durov hinted at the possibility of unveiling more functionalities in the future as Telegram Stories enters its final testing phase. The feature is expected to be rolled out to all users in July 2023.

The Late Arrival of Telegram Stories

While some may view Telegram’s introduction of Stories as belated, for fans of this popular social media feature, it’s a long-awaited addition. Even those who previously had reservations about Stories may find themselves won over by the added functionality and unique features offered by Telegram Stories. As the app continues to evolve, it aims to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of its users.

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